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Cube Access Hybrid Pro 500 Womens – 2019 Electric Bike

Cube Acess Hybrid Pro 500 – 2019 Electric Bike The Access Hybrid Pro combines the riding experience of a real mountain bike with the unhampered mobility and freedom that only a Bosch e-bike can offer. This bike has been equipped and designed for women riders. This is why it is available in a wide range...View more

Cube Access WS EAZ Womens – 2019 Mountain Bike

Cube Access WS EAZ Womens – Mountain Bike You know that saying, ‘power is nothing without control?’ We took it to heart with the Access WS EAZ. That’s why it’s equipped with powerful, easily-controllable Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and grippy, easy-rolling Schwalbe Smart Sam tyres. With all that stopping power at your fingertips, you can...View more

Cube Access WS EXC – 2019 Mountain Bike

Cube Access WS EXC – Mountain Bike If you’re looking for just the right blend of comfort and performance in a mountain bike, the Access WS EXC will fit the bill very nicely. Featuring our well-regarded Access frame – tweaked and refined for 2019 and with our Size Split system so every rider can find...View more

Cube Access WS Race – 2019 Mountain Bike

Cube Access WS Race – Mountain Bike You might guess from the Access WS Race’s name that it’s got speed in its genes – and you’d be right. But you don’t need to go racing to get the benefit from its lightweight frame, intuitive handling or smooth, reliable components. This is a bike that’s designed...View more

Cube Access WS EXC – 2018 Mountain Bike

Looking for just the right blend of comfort and performance in a mountain bike? We know how you feel – and that’s why we created the Access Exc. Starting with our Size Split system, we’ve ensured that every rider can find her perfect fit – so you can be assured of the best possible handling....View more

Cube Access WS SL Eagle – 2019 Mountain Bike

Cube Access Ws SL Eagle – Mountain Bike What inspires you? For us it’s making the best possible bikes – and that’s where the Access WS SL Eagle comes in. Designed and built so that you can push your boundaries out on the trail, it’s the inspiration you need to ride further, faster and in...View more

Cube Acid – 2018 Mountain Bike

Acid… isn’t that an odd name for a bike? You might think so, but look at it this way: we designed this hardtail to dissolve tricky trail sections quickly and effortlessly. There’s everything you need here to come out on top of any trail challenge. From the light, agile and efficient 6061 aluminium frame to...View more

Cube Acid Eagle – 2019 Mountain Bike

Cube Acid Eagle – Mountain Bike Built to dissolve tricky sections of singletrack quickly and effortlessly, the Acid is a bike that’s more than capable of living up to its name. With a completely revised frame for 2019, our design team pulled out all the stops to help you come out on top of any...View more

Cube Acid Hybrid One 500 – 2019 Electric Bike

Cube Acid Hybrid One 500 – Electric Bike The Acid Hybrid ONE combines the go-anywhere rugged appeal of our mountain bikes with the comfort and adaptability of our touring bikes. Sleek, affordable, easy to ride and even easier to slot into your daily life, it’s a Bosch e-bike for all reasons – and there’s even...View more

Cube Aim – 2019 Mountain Bike

Cube Aim – Mountain Bike Fat-tyre adventures begin with a bike that you can rely on – a companion that’ll be with you over every pebble, rock and root, no matter where you explore. We built the Aim with this in mind, using our expertise in aluminium frame building to create a bike with a...View more

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