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Specialized Power Pro Elaston Saddle

Our new Power Pro Elaston saddle is in a category all its own. To start, we focused on ensuring that it’s very lightweight, which led to the design’s inclusion of a stiff, FACT carbon shell with durable titanium rails. Meanwhile, the Body Geometry design was developed to cater to both men and women alike, and...View more

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Specialized S-Works Phenom Carbon Saddle

This lightweight mountain bike saddle is ultra-light with a FACT™ carbon fibre shell tuned for racing stiffness. The S-Works Phenom features a rounded anti-snag tail and the perfect amount of padding for all-day rides. Patented Body Geometry design is lab tested to assure blood flow to sensitive arteries Super-light EVA padding for comfort and support...View more

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Specialized S-Works Romin Evo Carbon Saddle

Keep it low and aero without sacrificing comfort. The carbon-railed, ultra lightweight S-Works Romin EVO is a high-performance road saddle that’s contoured to put you in a position for optimal power transfer and comfort as you put pressure on your competition. The Body Geometry channel is designed to maximize blood flow, while the saddle allows...View more

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Specialized Sitero Expert Gel Saddle

SPECIALIZED SITERO EXPERT GEL SADDLE Stay aerodynamic all day without any of the uncomfortable pressure points often associated with an aggressive position, aboard the Specialized Sitero Expert gel Saddle. Weight is kept to a solid 240 grams thanks to the lightweight padding and hollow titanium rails, ensuring your bikes performance and aesthetics only benefit from...View more

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Specialized Allez Elite – 2018 Road Bike

There’s no denying it, we’re still in love with aluminium road bikes, and when it comes to transforming this passion into a labour of love, we make a bike like the Allez Elite. If you’re just finding your cycling legs, this is the best place to start. Not only does a light bike feel better...View more

Specialized 2FO Flat 1.0 MTB Shoes

SPECIALIZED 2FO FLAT 1.0 MTB SHOES 2018 Foot-Out, Flat-Out – the 2FO Flat 1.0 was designed to provide comfortable, all-day riding, while still looking the part for when it’s time to grab a post-ride libation. Its outsole features our SlipNot 2.0 rubber compound, which was developed as a system to create the best pedal connection...View more

Specialized Allez – 2019 Road Bike

Whether you’re just getting into road cycling, commuting, or just looking for a new bike, the Allez is the perfect choice. Featuring a lightweight alloy frame, carbon fibre fork, and mounts for racks and fenders, it’s as performance-packed as it is versatile. Not only does a light bike feel better when you’re climbing up a...View more

Specialized 2FO Cliplite MTB Shoes

SPECIALIZED 2FO CLIPLITE MOUNTAIN BIKE SHOES 2018 Designed to provide you with a strong connection to your bike as well as a dialled in pedalling performance, the Specialized 2FO ClipLite Mountain Bike Shoes are made for life on the trail. Tough, strong, and robust, these two bolt cleat compatible shoes sit towards the top of...View more

Specialized Airnet MIPS Helmet

Specialized Airnet MIPS Helmet In the helmet world, there’s an unwritten rule that many designs seem to follow: aerodynamics, weight, aesthetics, and ventilation—pick two, there’s your helmet.  In our typical fashion, however, we don’t follow these norms—we innovate.  And it’s precisely this mentality that led us to the AirNet with MIPS—patented protection against “rotational violence”...View more

Specialized Allez Sprint Comp Disc – 2019 Road Bike

Specialized Allez Sprint Comp Disc – Road Bike Yep, you read that right—the Allez Sprint now comes with disc brakes, and trust us, we’re just as excited as you are. High-speed crit racing, everyday road riding—whatever your riding style is, disc brakes make it better. That’s because they bring better stopping power, more modulation, and...View more

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