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Tacx T3075 Cycle Motion Stand – Silver, Silver

Tacx T3075 Cycle Motion StandCycle team mechanics have worked on the development of the professional Cycle Motion Stand. This extremely stable stand enables heavy-duty work, such as removing the cranks or pedals, to be carried out.The bike can be secured at the front or rear fork. The fork holders are adjustable in height and length,...View more

Tacx T3350 Spider Team Workstand – Silver, Silver

Tacx T3350 Spider Team WorkstandThe Spider Team is developed with the help of WorldTour team mechanics who use the repair stand intensively on a daily basis. Thanks to their tips, you too can professionally and efficiently adjust, assemble and repair.The Spider Team is light, compact when folded away and easy to carry. The work surface...View more

Tacx Antares T1000 Training Rollers – Grey – Blue, Grey – Blue

Tacx Antares T1000 Training RollersHone your race craft and improve your bike-handling skills with the cycle rollers from Tacx. Easy to assemble, use, store, and transport, these cycle rollers are convenient for training at home or when warming up or cooling down at a race.Cycle Rollers: Get up to SpeedThese Tacx Antares T1000 Training Rollers...View more

Tacx Galaxia T1100 Roller Trainer – Grey – Blue, Grey – Blue

Tacx Galaxia T1100 Roller TrainerThe Galaxia takes you as close as possible to the natural road cycling experience, the rollers namely move along with you. You can perform sprints, extend your legs and stand on the pedals without the fear of falling off.Your movements are more free because you get close to the natural road...View more

Tacx Flux S Direct Drive Smart Trainer – Black, Black

Tacx Flux S Direct Drive Smart TrainerWhen it comes to innovative and immersive indoor training, Tacx is at the very top of keeping you tuned up and in shape for hitting the roads and routes you love to ride. With its fantastic Flux S Direct Drive Smart Trainer, Tacx has made slight but essential tweaks...View more

Tacx Neo 2T Smart Trainer – Black, Black

Tacx Neo 2T Smart TrainerThe Neo 2T Smart is undoubtedly the most powerful, accurate and most true to real cycling direct-drive trainer ever made. And, it’s even quieter and smoother to use than anyone believed possible. It features a re-designed motor to provide much higher torque values for the greatest indoor cycling experience. On top...View more

Tacx Flux 2 Direct Drive Smart Trainer – Black, Black

Tacx Flux 2 Direct Drive Smart TrainerWith the latest iteration of its Flux indoor trainer range, Tacx maintains its place at the peak of keeping you in top shape when the roads can’t be ridden on. With the formidable Flux 2, power measurement, accuracy and realism are at the highest levels they have ever been...View more