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Anser 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Putter

Ping Putter Collectors, this could be the moment you’ve been waiting for! 2 remaining model ‘A’s in stock now for immediate shipment.Ping Golf are only producing 775 of each model Worldwide. Comes complete with Display/Presentation Box, Certificate of Authenticity sigend by John Solheim and Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Head cover.CALL TODAY ON 01622 891693 to reserve yours.Information...View more

Cadence TR B65 Heavy

PING Cadence TR B65 Heavy PutterMatch your putter to the cadence of your swingThe PING Cadence TR series of putters are engineered to complement both the rhythm of your swing and the shape of your stoke. The impressive PING Cadence TR B65 Heavy is the perfect choice if you possess a slower swing tempo and...View more

Cadence TR Anser 2 Putter

PING Cadence TR Anser 2 Traditional PutterThe putter engineered to match the tempo of your swingPING’s outstanding Cadence TR putters are engineered to complement the natural rhythm of your swing. The Anser 2 Traditional putter is weighted to suit regular or faster swing tempos and to deliver the perfect feel. It best suits players whose...View more

Cadence TR Ketsch – Heavy

PING Cadence TR Ketsch Heavy Putter, a slight arc to your stroke and a slow swing tempo?This forgiving putter is made for you! PING’s extensive research has demonstrated that swing tempo is fundamental to putting performance. Swing consistency produces improved results and so PING have designed the Cadence TR series of putters to match the weight...View more

Cadence TR Ketsch Putter

Cadence TR models advance putter fitting by utilizing different-weight face inserts to fit golfers for their stroke tempo and feel preference. Traditional-weight inserts (blue in color) typically fit mid-to-faster tempos and can improve lag putting. Heavy inserts (black) match slower strokes and can lead to better results on shorter putts. Next-generation True-Roll Technology grooves vary...View more

Cameron & Crown Mallet 1 Putter

Cameron & Crown Mallet 1 Putter“The Cameron & Crown Mallet 1 Putter features a sweeping, single-bend shaft and a pop-through flange alignment system.”For 2017, Titleist has extended the line-up of last year’s Cameron & Crown range due to its tremendous success. These putters are stylish and brilliantly crafted, and are designed specifically for golfers with...View more

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