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Cybex Eagle NX Row

The Cybex Eagle NX row focusses on the arm and back muscles as you pull the weight towards you, and this high-quality machine ensures you work out with great stability, comfort and confidence. The generous weight stack lets users train with up to 120kg (265lbs), ideal for all abilities and strengths, and the independent arm...View more

Cybex Eagle NX Pulldown

The Cybex Eagle NX pulldown incorporates high-quality design and parts to provide users with a fantastic piece of gym equipment and workout experience. The Dual Axis Technology® allows the user the choice of training with machine-defined movements or more advanced user-defined motion and the independent arms mean strength development will be more equally balanced. It...View more

Cybex Eagle NX Overhead Press

Engage and work a range of upper body and arm muscles on the range-topping Cybex Eagle NX overhead press. With Dual Axis Technology®, users can perform both machine-defined movements and harder user-defined movements, making this a great piece of equipment for exercisers of all abilities, furthered by the 93kg (205lbs) weight stack that caters to...View more

Cybex Plate Loaded Pulldown

The Cybex Plate Loaded pulldown features the 15° diverging pattern that provides exceptional range of motion with consistent torque at the joint. The machine is supplied with barbell and neutral grips to provide users with multiple grip choices. It also offers independent arm motion to ensure balanced strength development. The machine is part of the...View more

Cybex Plate Loaded Incline Press

The Cybex Plate Loaded incline press is a space-efficient user-friendly machine designed to meet the needs of both professional as well as less advanced users. With selectable starting position the press is suitable for a wide range of users, regardless of their size and flexibility. Additionally, its 25° converging pattern provides better range of motion...View more

Cybex Plate Loaded Leg Press

The Cybex Plate Loaded leg press has a three-position adjustable backrest to ensure comfortable workouts for a wide range of users. The machine utilises linear bearings to provide safety and smooth as well as quiet motion. The leg press is part of the Cybex Plate Loaded range of gym equipment that is the most space-efficient...View more

Cybex Plate Loaded Chest Press

The Cybex Plate Loaded chest press features the 25° converging pattern that provides exceptional range of motion with consistent torque at the joint. The machine also offers independent arm movement that enables balanced strength development, whereas the overhead pivot guarantees more natural path of motion. The machine’s two-position selectable starting position ensures comfortable workouts for...View more

Cybex VR1 Arm Curl

The Cybex VR1 arm curl features intuitive design which makes it easy to use. Because it is also cable-based, it requires no axis of rotation alignment. The machine comes with rotating cambered handle (with barbell and reverse grip positions) to improve bicep and forearm training. It also utilises a large-angled pad that supports the full...View more

Cybex VR1 Abdominal

The Cybex VR1 abdominal is a space-efficient commercial grade machine that enables crunch-like exercising. It suits a wide range of user sizes, without the need for additional adjustments, which saves the time and helps to focus on training only. The machine is designed to ensure more targeted workout as the padded harness grips remove the...View more

Cybex Plate Loaded Squat Press

The Cybex Plate Loaded Squat Press is a space-saving and user-friendly plate-loaded training station which is suitable for users of almost any size. More importantly, its design meets the needs of advanced gym goers as well as complete beginners. The direct linkage system provides variable resistance profiles to ensure adequate strength curve throughout the ROM....View more

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