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Cybex Plate Loaded Row

The Cybex Plate Loaded row is part of the Cybex Plate Loaded range which is the most space-efficient user-friendly plate-loaded line in the industry. The machine features the 10° diverging pattern which allows the arms to comfortably move to the sides of the torso. The descending pattern of motion combined with flexible trailing link handles...View more

Cybex VR1 Chest Press

The Cybex VR1 chest press utilises dependent motion feature to provide users with more control and ensure comfortable and secure training. The machine comes with an oversized pivot that provides linear path of motion offering the feel most users are familiar with. The chest press has also been designed to guarantee that the pre-set range...View more

Cybex VR1 Arm Curl – Traditional

The Cybex VR1 Arm Curl – Traditional features the input arm solution that allows for automatic adjustment to varying forearm lengths. Additionally, reduced wrist stress is possible with the optimally positioned hand grips. The machine-defined path of motion makes the station ideal for both beginners and seniors, as well as for use in express circuits....View more

Cybex VR1 Dual Abdominal and Back Extension

The Cybex VR1 dual abdominal and back extension, similarly to other machines in the Cybex Duals line, utilises multi-function mechanisms to get two exercises in one machine which is an excellent solution for facilities with limited space and budget. The special design of the VR1 dual machine enables focusing on the abdominal muscles without involving...View more

Cybex VR1 Duals Fly and Rear Delt

The Cybex VR1 Duals fly and rear delt features a multi-function mechanism to provide two types of exercises in one machine thereby ensuring space and cost efficiency. The machine uses independent movement to allow training each arm according to its needs and balance the workout when one arm is weaker or injured. This type of...View more

Cybex VR1 Duals Multi-Press

The Cybex VR1 Duals Multi-Press is perfect for the facilities which are watching their budget and operate in limited space. The machine includes a Chest Press, Incline Press and Overhead Press in a single package. The machine offers simple seat adjustment and provides three position choices for both the overhead and incline press exercises. To...View more

Cybex VR1 Duals Hip Ab and Ad

The Cybex VR1 Duals Hip Ab and Ad is part of the Cybex Duals line which utilises multi-function mechanisms to get two exercise types in one machine and thus save valuable floor space. The machine offers “slack-free” drive system that provides immediate engagement and broadens the range of motion because the resistance begins as soon...View more

Cybex VR1 Duals Biceps and Triceps

The Cybex VR1 Duals Biceps and Triceps machine is perfect for facilities that operate in limited space. The station is extraordinary in its simplicity. While the exercise patterns are familiar to avid gym goers, it is the small details that make the difference – such as the 2:1 reduction, the cambered curl bar that allows...View more

Cybex VR1 Lat Pulldown

The Cybex VR1 lat pulldown offers traditional lat pulldown movement that helps to target the latissimus dorsi muscle which takes up the exceedingly large portion of the back. The machine offers a pulley located at the front of the machine to encourage the correct posture for the lat pulldown movement. The thigh pads can be...View more

Cybex VR1 Glute

The Cybex VR1 glute station is superior to similar type of gym equipment as it encourages gluteal involvement without requiring the user to align the hip joint. The machine comes with the knee extension feature which is necessary to prevent hamstring cramping and allow full gluteal training. The adjustable (gas-spring-assisted) abdominal support pad ensures that...View more