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BBE Club Leather 120cm Punch Bag with Chains and Swivel

Built to withstand heavy punches, the BBE Club leather 120cm punch bag is manufactured from top grade split leather making it both sturdy and durable. For a more natural feel and resilient shock absorption, the bag is textile filled with a mix of synthetic and natural fibres and it comes with a 4-way chain and...View more

BBE Club Leather 110cm Uppercut Punch Bag with Chains Swivel

Practice your boxing technique and combinations using the BBE Club leather 110cm uppercut punch bag produced from high-quality split leather making it suitable for intense and effective training at home or in a boxing club. This heavy 44kg (97lbs) punch bag is strong, tough and made to take serious abuse and features welded metal D...View more

BBE Club 4ft Leather Super Impact Punch Bag

The BBE Club Super Impact is manufactured from leather for superior durability and feel. It weighs approximately 30kg (66lbs) and is fitted with 6 chrome plated D-rings. The Super Impact has a diameter of 14” (35cm) and is designed for heavy hitters. This 4ft (120cm), extra durable punch bag has a heavy duty zip top...View more

Carbon Claw Aero AX-5 4ft Uppercut Angle Punch Bag

The Carbon Claw Aero AX-5 4ft uppercut angle punch bag is ready to absorb the most powerful blows thanks to SV1 cross fibre bonded synthetic material reinforced with double stitched seams. It is designed specifically for uppercut practice, high and low punching and training hooks and helps you develop power, speed, footwork and punch accuracy....View more

Carbon Claw PRO X ILD-7 4ft Uppercut Angle Punch Bag

The Carbon Claw PRO X ILD-7 4ft uppercut angle punch bag is great for developing speed, power, footwork and punch accuracy and allows for improving balance, coordination and distance control. It enables you to practice uppercut punching and body hooks, as well as to punch at different lengths and angles to ensure both versatile and...View more

Carbon Claw PRO X ILD-7 4ft Heavy 65kg Leather Punch Bag

Made to take serious punishment, the Carbon Claw PRO X ILD-7 heavy 4ft leather punch bag helps you practice powerful body punches and improve your boxing technique. It is suitable for regular hard-hitting sessions and offers a top-grade genuine leather construction reinforced with double stitched seams. A perfect weight distribution and shock absorption are ensured...View more

Carbon Claw PRO X ILD-7 4ft Heavy 45kg Leather Punch Bag

Gain strength to punch harder, build speed and develop good footwork using the Carbon Claw PRO X ILD-7 4ft heavy leather punch bag. This solid and durable 4ft (122cm) punch bag features 6 heavy gauge D-Ring hangers ensuring safety and stability and there is an additional metal D-Ring sewn to the base to attach a...View more

Carbon Claw AMT CX-7 Leather Maize Bag

The Carbon Claw AMT CX-7 is a leather maize bag reinforced with double stitched seams making it extra tough and durable. It is designed to simultaneously improve rhythm, timing and head movement and thanks to a pear shape, the bag allows for a great number of strike combinations. Plus, it is textile filled to provide...View more

Carbon Claw AMT CX-7 4ft Leather Punch Bag

Improve your hitting power, endurance and balance using the Carbon Claw AMT CX-7 4ft leather punch bag. This sturdy 4ft (122cm) punch bag is manufactured from genuine leather and has double stitched seams for solid durability. For great weight distribution, it is filled with textile off-cuts and features a 20mm foam lining for a more...View more

Lonsdale L60 3ft Leather Punch Bag – Blue/Black

The Lonsdale L60 3ft is a professional level leather punch bag made to let you practice all punching combinations. Offering a heavy-duty construction, this rag filled bag can withstand serious punishment and has a high-quality leather outer layer and thick, shock-absorbing foam inside making it more responsive. There is a laced top with 4 suspension...View more