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Specialized Enduro Elite 29er Mountain Bike 2019

Wait—a long-travel trail bike that climbs well and goes hard on the trail? Yeah we didn’t think it was possible either—until we designed the Enduro Elite. It’s plenty stiff nice and snappy and with 29' wheels descends like a bike possessed. Meet your new trail buddy buddy.r Our quest was to create the perfect long-travel...View more

Specialized Sequoia All Road Bike 2019

A 100 years ago we didn't have road bikes and touring bikes—there were just bikes and that didn't stop anyone from heading out into the wilderness. With this spirit we built our groundbreaking Sequoia. It's reshaping long-held ideas and it's forever changing what we'll come to expect from a bike.r  r The Sequoia's path to...View more

Specialized Diverge E5 Comp Road Bike 2019

Narrowing down a bike that can do it all used to be tough going. Sure some work well as a road bike and a 'cross bike while others are good at commuting and some short road riding but until the Diverge nothing out there was astute at every kind of riding subject. The Diverge E5...View more

Specialized Rockhopper Expert 29er Womens Mountain Bike 2019

The Women's Rockhopper Expert is the perfect bike to get you moving into the XC mountain bike world. That's because we built it to be light durable and exceedingly capable so the only obstacles you'll have to clear will be on the trail—not on your bike.r It starts with our new A1 SL alloy frame...View more

Specialized Enduro Pro 650b Mountain Bike 2019

When all-out speed up down and all over the trail is what you're after the Enduro Pro is ready to take your call. It has the snappy ready-to-shred attributes that today's trail riding demands like a slacked-out geometry plenty of travel and a nice-and-stiff frame while still being able to pedal like nobody's business. And...View more

Specialized Allez Road Bike 2019

Whether you're just getting into road cycling commuting or just looking for a new bike the Allez is the perfect choice. Featuring a lightweight alloy frame carbon fibre fork and mounts for racks and fenders it's as performance-packed as it is versatile.Not only does a light bike feel better when you're climbing up a hill...View more

Specialized Diverge Sport All Road Bike 2019

With the Diverge Sport you'll be prepared for anything the road throws at you from smooth tarmac to the most chewed-up tracks out there. It's packed with all the same technologies as its pricier cousins only its spec places an emphasis on reliable performance not components so flashy you'll be eating nothing but top ramen...View more

Specialized Sirrus X Comp Carbon City Sports Hybrid Bike 2019

The Sirrus X Comp Carbon is far from your 'normal' fitness bike. It features 700x38mm tyres that let you explore the dirt when the time arises a 1×11 drivetrain for ease of use and you get rack/fender mounts.r We started with a high quality FACT 9r carbon fibre construction that's lightweight and extremely responsive not...View more

Specialized Epic Comp Evo 29er Mountain Bike 2019

If we're being honest with ourselves alloy has always been at the heart of the EVO family. It's tough it's stiff and at least with our bikes it's pretty damn light. Basically it embodies everything that's good about mountain bikes and that's what EVO is all about. But an Epic Comp EVO made out of...View more

Specialized Turbo Vado 3.0 Womens Electric Sports Hybrid Bike 2019

If you can characterize your life as on-the-go busy or not having enough time we made a bike for you—the Women's Turbo Vado 3.0. It's made to accommodate busy lives that are always in movement which is why we took our exclusive award-winning pedal-assist technology and accelerated it into the future.r  r Beginning with the...View more

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